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📷 2023/2024 WINTER


📰 2023-09-13 Our winter 2023-24 presskit

2023-09-13 10_52_23-PRESS_KIT-LA_PLAGNE-WINTER-23-24.pdf - SumatraPDF.png
Read or download our presskit, in english or french :
9.8 MB
9.7 MB

🌱 2023-06-01 What’s new this summer ?

Dicover everything new on this press release (including downloadable pictures):
Cabin building trapper camp
Swincar Safari
Initiation hike with wild plants
Guided e-bike ride
Circular economy When whey becomes a first-hand source of hot water

📆 2023-05-25 Spring / summer / autumn calendar

💡 2023-03-08 Powder alarm!

All we can say is that it’s been a while coming! Here it is at last, a real delight for our eyes and our skis.

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